Song of the Week: “Promises” – The Cranberries

27 Aug

The Cranberries’ 1993 debut album with “Linger,” “Dreams,” “Sunday,” and all the rest was great, despite the album name, and their follow-up record was certainly listenable (though I thought “Zombie” was a bit much). Anyway, five years later they released Bury the Hatchet with “Promises” as the lead (only?) single. The video is supposed to be campy, I think, but is just lame so I’ve gone with this tight live performance instead. Plus, Dolores has Siouxsie eyes in this one. 

Song of the Week: “Torn” – Natalie Imbruglia

21 Aug

When former Australian soap star Natalie Imbruglia covered this Ednaswap tune for her 1997 album, Left of the Middle, it wasn’t the first version to have success, but it left all others in the dust. Natalie’s take sold 4 million hard copies worldwide, and as of 2012 was #85 on the list of the UK’s million-selling singles. Plus, the video works.

Song of the Week: “Still Here” – Caitlin Canty

11 Aug

I stumbled across Caitlin Canty earlier this year, and fell in love with this tune from her 2012 album, Golden Hour. It’s a beautifully rendered take on life in a small town—or rather, about dealing with the “left town” or “still here” decision that doesn’t seem to apply to life in a metropolis so much.

Song of the Week: “Eden” – 10,000 Maniacs

8 Aug

Been away from my media for a few weeks, and as I ease back into everyday life it’s interesting to see how some things that used to occupy my mind are much less appealing now. This week’s song has held its appeal for me for more than 20 years, and doesn’t let up. This is from Our Time in Eden, Natalie Merchant’s last release with the band (except for the MTV Unplugged adventure, of course). The video is grainy, balcony-shot concert footage with poor sound, but still utterly entrancing.

Song of the Week: “Haunted” – Poe

14 Jul

First encountered Poe in the 90s, and then the great album cover to Haunted caught my attention again. Her cowriting and vocal work with Conjure One years later brought her back into my musical orbit. Great voice here, and wonderful tune.

Song of the Week: “Litany (Life Goes On)” – Guadalcanal Diary

7 Jul

The musos in my high school newspaper class got me into this band. Guadalcanal Diary were contemporaries of R.E.M., working in Georgia during the same era and using the same producer, Don Dixon, on three of their albums. (Dixon coproduced R.E.M.’s Murmur and Reckoning.) As far as I know, Guadalcanal never had a hit of any kind, though this week’s tune was released as a single. I have many favorite tracks from this band, including “Trail of Tears,” “Prayers for Rain,” “Where Angels Fear to Tread,” “Winds of Change,” “The Likes of You,” and “Ten Laws.” Album-wise, I recommend both 2×4 and Flip-Flop.

Happy National Detonation Day!

5 Jul

By guest blogger, Colby Smith. 

Ah, the 4th of July. The day we Americans celebrate our independence and freedom by blowing stuff up.

Wait, what? Shouldn’t we celebrate with parades and performances honoring our country?

Well, maybe a little, but our favorite part is when we teach the 10-year-old how to detonate a mini-grenade or fire a cannon, or reenact the War of Independence by using small tanks and Roman candles. And who could forget the semi-legal mortars? These are very important to our country. 

All in all, we are proud to live in  a home where we are legally allowed to show off our military power for the neighbors, after dousing the flaming roof, of course. 


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