12 Things to Be Happy About This Christmas

13 Dec


Yesterday’s post lent support to the gloomy among us, but today’s is for the other half. If you’re the kind that insists on being happy even when surrounded by the Eeyores of the world, we here at Maximum Know-How will boost your spirits with 12 reasons to be happy this holiday season:

  1. After we topple off the fiscal cliff, you won’t be wealthy enough to be subject to tax increases for the rich.
  2. Notre Dame football is good again. (I’m sure this is making someone happy.)
  3. On this great planet of ours, at this very moment, someone, somewhere is… recycling.
  4. Palestine has been declared a state, so we should be seeing that conflict wrap up pretty quick.
  5. It’s time to watch It’s a Wonderful Life again.
  6. The Pope is on Twitter. Or at least his press team is.
  7. You’re not crouched in a muddy, icy foxhole in Germany under constant artillery barrage during the winter of 1944–45.
  8. If you enjoy singing in groups, you can join the “global chorus of condemnation” over North Korea’s missile launch.
  9. You no longer have to endure the temptation of Hostess-brand snack cakes every time you’re at the grocery store.
  10. Playing “casual games” on a cell phone has not yet been proven to cause cancer, so you’re safe with that so far.
  11. Vinyl albums are still cool.
  12. Mitt Romney got a job, so you can stop worrying about that.

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