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Song of the Week: “Good Side of Tomorrow” – Dave Loggins

10 Jul

During my youth, my dad was always listening to Dave Loggins’ 1974 album, Apprentice (in a Musical Workshop), which featured the hit “Please Come to Boston.” In later years, when I was looking up the album to see if I still liked it, I discovered Dave Loggins was a member of the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame! To my surprise, he had several albums, and had written songs—especially country songs—for many big acts, including Kenny Rogers’ number-one hit “Morning Desire” and “Pieces of April” for Three Dog Night. Funny how one’s childhood perspective can be so difficult to break out of. Anyway, in my searches, I also found this gem from his debut album, Personal Belongings.

Song of the Week: “Hang On” – Plumb

3 Jul

I discovered Plumb through remixes of her songs, but the tunes lost some of their fun, dance-club character after I learned they were about, for example, sexual abuse or actual cutting (not a symbolic, “broken heart” kind of cut). That said, the remixes introduced the tunes to a whole new audience and seem to have helped victims with their healing, so I guess it’s all good. Anyway, as far as I can tell this track is simple encouragement to hold on during difficult times. The clip below is the radio edit of the excellent Bronleewe & Bose Mix (their Extended Mix adds another minute). The original version is also great, of course.