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Song of the Week: “Right Back Where We Started From” – Maxine Nightingale

28 Oct

This bouncy, jubilant disco track from 1975 reached number 2 on the U.S. pop charts. Maxine released several successful singles during her career, but this is the one that has lasted. Hard not to smile and sing along when listening to it.

Song of the Week: “All the Days” – Haerts

21 Oct

Haerts just released their debut EP, Hemiplegia, a few weeks ago. All four tracks have a nice sound, but “All the Days” is so great I think it’s one of the top songs released this year. And their fun, entertaining video isn’t ironic, condescending, or pornographic—amazing, huh?

Song of the Week: “Ghosts” – Dirty Vegas

17 Oct

Like several of their earlier singles, “Ghosts” has this smooth groove that makes it danceable in an unexpected, almost sneaky way. You think it’s a relaxing chill-out tune, but then someone points out the beat and you’re like, oh, hey. The band had one hit in the early 2000s with “Days Go By,” which had a great video and won a Grammy, but seems to be most famous for being the soundtrack of a Mitsubishi commercial. I also really like “Simple Things” (the radio edit, without the Pink Floyd ending) and “Walk into the Sun.” After a few years apart, the band released a third album in 2011, but none of the songs really grabbed me.

The Truth Behind the Shutdown

16 Oct

The REAL reasons why the government is shut down.



So you think our government shutdown is merely an ideological standoff between power-hungry politicians dressing up their own shameless self-promotion as public service? Preposterous. While it’s clear that our elected leaders are stalling, it’s time we moved beyond simple-minded insults to realize the truth behind the drama in Washington.

What’s REALLY Behind the Government Shutdown

  1. They’re holed up in senate conference rooms watching Studio C sketches, and just can’t pull themselves away.
  2. Because they were so caught up in figuring out the budget, hunting season crept up on them and they were too busy to buy their licenses or tags. The shutdown puts the game wardens nicely out of the picture, at least until our congressional leaders can poach enough elk for the winter.
  3. Both sides of the aisle are racing to falsify an evidence trail that clearly demonstrates that the other side is planning a terrorist attack on American soil to justify their policies. They had a hard time finishing when they only had nights and weekends to work on it.
  4. By keeping federal employees out of their offices, they are holding back the dam on an alien body-snatcher invasion long enough to upload a virus to the mother ship’s mainframe computer.
  5. They’re putting the final touches on a complex international relations deal that will resolve the Syrian civil war, ease Iranian nuclear ambitions, reduce Egyptian street anger, stop polar glacial melt, restore Tim Tebow to greatness, eradicate Chinese smog, reestablish European financial stability, and salvage Miley Cyrus’s career—and no doubt net each member of congress a Nobel Prize for either peace, science, or economics.
  6. They’re testing the emotional stamina of the electorate to see how long the government can be closed before citizens do something besides complain. Once the riots start, expect to see a speedy resolution. Then, following an in-depth consultation with their masters in Beijing and completion of a predetermined waiting period, expect another shutdown during the end of December. With everyone focused on the holiday season, the takeover will be quick and seamless.
  7. James Bond movie marathon during office hours. Be patient: they’re almost done.
  8. In an effort to squash discussions of concussion damage in the NFL, a special legislative committee is hashing out whether to change the Washington Redskins’ name to something more politically appropriate, like the Washington Gender Neutrals.
  9. To improve their social awareness, they’re all taking this opportunity to change religions and trade racial identities.
  10. They’re hammering out a last-minute investment deal that promises to balance the budget in fewer than three years and actually produce a budget surplus by 2020. In fact, insiders suggest that the negotiations with federal investment consultant Bernie Madoff are “escalating.”
  11. Members of the congressional appropriations committee wanted to minimize the crowds during their preplanned fact-finding mission to Yellowstone National Park. Plus, they get a cut of the fines collected from people who want a quick look at all the beautiful places that belong to all of us as a nation—or so we thought.
  12. A well-armed Republican delegation is blocking the doors until the Democrats are willing to a) read aloud the entire text of the Health Care Reform Act and then b) explain what it says.

Song of the Week: “Remember Me” – Interstate

7 Oct

I know almost nothing about this band, or even how I discovered the song. I’m a fan of vocal trance so I probably just stumbled onto it because it was released on the Armind label. The vocalist is Colleen Kelly and I recommend the Terry Bones Remix (linked below). So have a listen, and trance the night away.