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Song of the Week: “Eden” – Hooverphonic

27 Jan

Taken from 1998’s Blue Wonder Power Milk, “Eden” charted in the band’s home country of Belgium but nowhere else that I know of. This was the band’s second album, and the first with Geike Arnaert as the vocalist. Sarah Brightman did a nice cover of “Eden,” included on her album of the same name, that made it onto the British charts.

Song of the Week: “Stronger than Ever” – Raleigh Ritchie

20 Jan

This great video heralds the release just last week of Raleigh Ritchie’s second EP, Black and Blue. Of the four tracks, this one really stands out, and the candid lyrics are flat-out impressive. Alas, it’s not available in the States at this time, but enjoy this taste of good things to come. Once again, thanks to mydaybydaymusic for the original post.


10 Reasons Dennis Rodman Visits North Korea

15 Jan

North Korea is having a tough 2014. Not only do they have Frontline on their case, but they’ve been reduced to using a basketball celebrity as a PR tool—again. The Maximum Know-How team is convinced that there’s more to these odd visits than just money changing hands, so we’ve devised some possible explanations for Rodman’s visits to the secret state.


  1. Rodman is going through the interview process to replace uncle Jang Song Thaek, the recently executed second-in-command.
  2. The visits are actually a U.S. State Department conspiracy to trick Kim Jong Un into promoting Rodman as a role model for North Korean youth, thereby destroying the nation’s hope for a future.
  3. It’s all a North Korean ploy to scare its youth into rapt obedience to the regime: “THIS is what you’ll look and act like unless Kim Jong Un protects you!”
  4. Rodman is acting as an emissary for NBA commissioner David Stern, who is on the lookout for a host-city franchise expansion opportunity.
  5. Someone in Rodman’s camp keeps confusing “North Korea” with “North Carolina” when booking travel arrangements.
  6. Rodman is auditioning to become a UN Goodwill Ambassador in the hope of meeting fellow-ambassador Angelina Jolie.
  7. Rodman is actually a talent scout for the next K-Pop superstar.
  8. The fees paid to Rodman and his fellow b-ballers actually come from South Korea, because promoting these ridiculous visits is the only way Seoul can get the American public, press, and politicians to pay attention to this international threat.
  9. Kim Jong Un has always been a great fan of Rodman’s boa collection.
  10. Rodman never has to worry about his “friend for life” calling him “the worm.”

Song of the Week: “Hanuman” – Rodrigo y Gabriela

13 Jan

Guitar wonders Rodrigo y Gabriela have been around for nearly a decade now, and so you should check them out if you still are not familiar with their amazing music. Below is my (current) favorite song of theirs, from 2009’s 11:11, but also check out this tremendous performance of Diablo Rojo on Letterman. They have great covers of Led Zeppelin and Metallica on their self-titled debut album, if that music is more your style.

Song of the Week: “Driver 8” – R.E.M.

6 Jan

I was on the road during the holidays, driving through the barren winter landscapes of the western high desert. This train song from R.E.M.’s 1985 Fables of the Reconstruction came on. It was a great moment, and I sang along with it.

The song starts at :50.