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Song of the Week: “The Mummer’s Dance” – Loreena McKennitt

30 Sep

Gray fall day today, so we’re going for atmospherics, tune-wise. Loreena McKennitt is a Canadian composer and singer of world music (particularly Celtic and Middle Eastern), with a haunting voice. This track is from her 1997 album, The Book of Secrets. If you like this sort of thing I also recommend her musical interpretation of Alfred Noyes’ narrative poem, “The Highwayman,” (on the same album) as well as “The Mystic’s Dream” from 1994’s The Mask and the Mirror. There are two versions of this week’s song, the radio version, which accompanied the music video (and is shorter and more percussive), and the album version, which I prefer. Below is a fan video of the latter.

Song of the Week: “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” – Propellerheads

26 Sep

This driving, big-beat cover of the theme to Lazenby’s single 007 film first appeared on the Shaken & Stirred compilation by David Arnold, who scored five Bond films. It’s also included on the Propellerheads’ debut album, Decksanddrumsandrockandroll.

Song of the Week: “Vanishing Point” – New Order

19 Sep

One of my favorite bands of all time signed a deal with Mute Records a couple of weeks ago. And frontman Bernard Sumner recently published a memoir. And the band’s ex-bassist Peter Hook is doing his own thing with The Light while everyone’s lawyers wrangle. And the band just received an “Inspiration of the Year” (?!) award from GQ Magazine. And somebody published the lyrics and notebooks of Joy Division’s Ian Curtis in a snooty-looking tome called So This Is Permanence (another step along the path in the man’s cultural sanctification/musical messiahship). But, because I haven’t liked a NO song since 2001’s “Crystal,” and can’t stand all the infighting and end-of-career glorification, and never cared for Joy Division, I choose to dwell instead on the delight I have long experienced from my favorite album: Technique.


Song of the Week: “Catch Your Fall” – Clokx

10 Sep

I haven’t posted any glossy dance-pop for a couple of months, so here’s a shiny summer hit from 2011. Clokx is one of several projects from Dutch DJ Ron van den Beuken.

Song of the Week: “Cucurucu” – Nick Mulvey

2 Sep

Nick Mulvey’s debut solo LP, First Mind, isn’t due for another couple of weeks here in the States, but this song and video have been floating around the web for a few months now, and they are both quite refreshing. Looking forward to hearing the rest of the album.