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Song of the Week: “I Wish It Would Rain” – Nanci Griffith

24 Oct

Western Washingtonians would probably object to this sentiment, but over here in the mountains we’ve just had drizzle and I’d love a real gulleywoosher. I first discovered Nanci when I was videotaping Austin City Limits for my dad. Someone he liked was the featured artist, and Nanci was the opening act. Her “Love at the Five and Dime” is what caught my attention, and I eventually picked up her The MCA Years—A Retrospective greatest hits album, and then later the wonderful Other Voices, Other Rooms cover album. I highly recommend both, even if you’re not big on country music.

Song of the Week: “Destroy Everything You Touch” – Ladytron

18 Oct

Been one of those weeks. So here’s one of my favorite songs of all time to get us through what remains.

Song of the Week: “Carolina in My Mind” – James Taylor

10 Oct

I thought it was interesting that the ten-year memorial for 9/11 featured two artists whose heydays occurred around 40 years earlier. Clearly, James Taylor and Paul Simon got picked over Lady Gaga and Lil Wayne et al. because their music better represented the tone of the event, and certainly meant more in the lives of those lost. I think the pop charts don’t have the patience anymore for that kind of songwriter because we as listeners don’t have the patience to sit through it. Anyway, this week’s tune is my favorite from James Taylor.