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Song of the Week: “Litany (Life Goes On)” – Guadalcanal Diary

7 Jul

The musos in my high school newspaper class got me into this band. Guadalcanal Diary were contemporaries of R.E.M., working in Georgia during the same era and using the same producer, Don Dixon, on three of their albums. (Dixon coproduced R.E.M.’s Murmur and Reckoning.) As far as I know, Guadalcanal never had a hit of any kind, though this week’s tune was released as a single. I have many favorite tracks from this band, including “Trail of Tears,” “Prayers for Rain,” “Where Angels Fear to Tread,” “Winds of Change,” “The Likes of You,” and “Ten Laws.” Album-wise, I recommend both 2×4 and Flip-Flop.